Two SSU students honored by APS

Kevin Zack has been awarded $250 and first place and Stephan Jackowski has been awarded $125 and second place for the Steven Chu Undergraduate Research Award. This award is given annually for outstanding presentations at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society Far West Section. Zack's talk was entitled "The Development of a 3P PocketQube" and it described work that he has done with Dr. J. Garrett Jernigan and Prof. Lynn Cominsky. Zack has designed, built and tested a very small satellite that measures 5 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm, which will measure the Earth's magnetic field and communicate via radio once it is launched. Currently the satellite is installed inside a bigger, Italian satellite, which is being integrated for launch by a Russian Rocket. Launch is expected on November 21, 2013.

Jackowski's talk was entitled "Al-doping of ZnO (AZO) via Electrochemical Deposition: An Exploration of Optoelectronic Applications" and it described work that he has done with Prof. Hongtao Shi. Using a low temperature electrochemical approach, Stephen was able to grow wide bandgap semiconductor ZnO on silicon wafers. By incorporating Al into ZnO, he demonstrated that the properties of these Al-doped samples strongly depended on the concentration of Al in the crystals.  Ordered arrays of nanometer scaled, hexagon-like pillars were observed for possible applications in optoelectronics.