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Adams's Papers are at the Huntington Library with a Finding Aid by Helen Czaplicki. There is a microform copy at the Caltech Archives. There is much correspondence in the G.E. Hale Papers at both Caltech Archives and the Huntington (also available on microfilm). There is a manuscript autobiography at the AIP Center for History of Physics. There is also some correspondence at the American Philosophical Society.

Other References: Historical

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Other References: Scientific

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Other Works: Popularizations, History, etc.

Adams, Walter S., “Astronomical Progress During the Past Year,” PASP 39, 194-98 (1927).

Adams, Walter S., “The Past Twenty Years of Physical Astronomy,” Science 67, 637-44 (1928).

Adams, Walter S., “A Great Telescope and Its Possibilities,” Science 69, 1-8 (1929).

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Adams, Walter S., “The 200-inch Telescope,” JRASC 33, 241-46 (1939).

Adams, Walter S., “What Lies Between the Stars?” PASP 53, 73-83 (1941).

Walter S. Adams

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