Ernst Öpik Bibliography

Papers, etc.

Papers are at the Armagh Observatory, Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Other References: Historical

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Other References: Scientific

There is a bibliography of Öpik’s publications from 1912-1969 in Irish Astr. Journal 10, 9-22 (1972) and a bibliography from 1972-1985 by J. McFarland in Irish Astr. Journal 17, 441-42 (1986).

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Other Works: History, Popularizations, Fiction, etc.

Öpik published hundreds of popular articles in the Irish Astronomical Journal.

Öpik, E., “Meteorites and the Age of the Universe,” Pop. Astron. 41, 71-78 (1933).

Öpik, E.J., “Artificial Satellites,” Irish Astr. Journal 4, 201-51 (1963).

Öpik, E.J., “Astronomical Aspects of the Exploration of Space I,” Irish Astr. Journal 6, 71, 14-28 (1963).

Öpik, E.J., “Dust and Interstellar Absorption,” Irish Astr. Journal 14, 70-72 (1979).

Öpik, Ernst J., “Space Travel and Life Beyond the Earth,” Cosmic Search 3, 2, 2 (1981) and 3, 3, 10 (1981) [reprinted from Irish Astr. Journal 11.

Öpik, Ernst Julius, The Hierarchical Universe (last talk, 1981)

Öpik, E.J., “Kometen—Einfuhrung und Rehabilitation,” Die Sterne 61, 267-69 (1985).

Ernst Öpik

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