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Papers, etc.

Barnard’s papers are at Vanderbilt University, the Mary Lea Shane Archives of the Lick Observatory at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the University of Chicago Library. There is much of interest in the Barnard-Hale Correspondence in Hale Microfilms, Reels 3, 82.

Other References: Historical

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Other References: Scientific

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Other Works: Popularizations, History, etc.

Barnard, E.E., “Some of the Results of Astronomical Photography Pertaining Specially to the Work with a Portrait Lens,” Popular Astronomy 16, 286-98 (1908).

Barnard, E.E., “Enke’s Comet. On the Possibility of Photographing the Comet at all Point in its Orbit,” Popular Astronomy 22, 607-10 (1914) [poem].

Barnard, E.E., “A Few Astronomical Events of the Past Fifty Years,” Popular Astronomy 24, 479-87 (1916) [Address at the semi-centennial of the Dearborn Observatory].

Barnard, E.E., “True Greatness,” Popular Astronomy 26, 146 (1918) [poem].

Edward E. Barnard

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