The Bruce Medalists


  Photo courtesy Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Armin Otto Leuschner
16 January 1868 1936 Bruce Medalist 22 April 1953

Armin Leuschner was born in Detroit but raised in Germany. He returned to take his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan and then became the first graduate student at the Lick Observatory. He soon turned to teaching mathematics and astronomy at Berkeley, later earning his Ph.D. at Berlin. He led the Berkeley Astronomical Department for half a century, and he held many other administrative positions in the University of California as well. His research was in orbit theory, and he determined or refined orbits of numerous asteroids and comets, but his most important contribution to astronomy was as an educator. He founded the Students’ Observatory (now the Leuschner Observatory), and he produced more than sixty Ph.D’s, many of whom became leaders in astronomy.

Presentation of Bruce medal
Nicholson, Seth B., PASP 48, 5-13 (1936).

Other awards
National Academy of Sciences, James Craig Watson Medal, 1916.
Rittenhouse Astronomical Society, David Rittenhouse Medal, 1937.

Some offices held
Astronomical Society of the Pacific, President, 1906, 1936, 1943.

Biographical materials
Herget, Paul, Biographical Memoirs of the National Academy of Science 49, 129-47 (1978) (pdf).
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Named after him
Lunar crater Leuschner
Minor Planet #1361 Leuschneria
Leuschner Observatory, University of California at Berkeley

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The Bruce Medalists

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