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Bachelor of Science in Physics
from the 1996-98 catalog
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The B.S. program is a thorough introduction to the principles of physics, providing a strong foundation for graduate study or industrial research. It is also intended for those students who wish to prepare for interdisciplinary studies on the graduate level in fields such as astronomy, atmospheric science, biophysics, environmental science, geophysics, and physical oceanography.

Degree Requirements
Major Requirements (may include 5 in GE) 50
Supporting Courses (may include 4 in GE) 25
Remainder of General Education 42
General Electives 7
Total units needed for graduation 124
Major Core Requirements
PHYS   114 Introduction to Physics I (may be applied to GE) 4
PHYS   116 Introductory Laboratory Experience (may be applied to GE) 1
PHYS   214 Introduction to Physics II 4
PHYS   216 Introductory Laboratory 1
PHYS   311 Elements of Electronics3
PHYS   311L Elements of Electronics Laboratory 1
PHYS   314 Introduction to Physics III 4
PHYS   316 Introductory Quantum Laboratory 1
PHYS   320 Analytical Mechanics 3
PHYS   330AB Electricity and Magnetism6
PHYS   340 Light and Optics3
PHYS   381 Computer Applications for Scientists 2
PHYS   450 Statistical Physics3
PHYS   460AB Quantum Physics6
Total units in the major core 42
Major Electives (Advanced)
To complete the major, select 8 units from the list below. At least two of the courses chosen must be laboratory classes.
ASTR   380 Astrophysics: Stars3
ASTR   482 Advanced Observational Astronomy2
ASTR   495 Special Studies1-4
PHYS   312 Elements of Digital Electronics3
PHYS   312L Elements of Digital Electronics Laboratory1
PHYS   333 Precision Machining for Experimental Physics1
PHYS   400 History of Physical Sciences3
PHYS   412 Microprocessor Applications2
PHYS   412L Microprocessor Laboratory1
PHYS   425 Introduction to Mathematical Physics3
PHYS   447 Lasers and Holography3
PHYS   475 Physics of Semiconductors2
PHYS   481 Applied Nuclear Chemistry and Physics2
PHYS   482 Applied Nuclear Chemistry and Physics Laboratory2
PHYS   494 Physics Seminar1
PHYS   495 Special Studies1-4
PHYS   497 Undergraduate Research in Physics3
No more than 4 units total in ASTR 495 and PHYS 494, 495, and 497 may be used to fulfill this requirement. Certain selected-topics courses, ASTR or PHYS 396, may be approved by the advisor.
Total units in the advanced electives 8
Required Supporting Courses  
MATH   161 Calculus I (3 units may be applied in GE)4
MATH   211 Calculus II4
MATH   261 Calculus III4
MATH   231 Introduction to Differential Equations3
CHEM   115AB, 116AB General Chemistry (1 unit may be applied to GE)10
Total units in supporting courses 25
Total units in the major 75


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