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Physics Courses: 200 Level
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209AB. General Physics Laboratory (1,1) A, Fall and B, Spring
Laboratory, 3 hours. Laboratory experiments to accompany PHYS 210AB and develop the students' ability to perform measurements of physical phenomena and to increase their appreciation of the sense of the physical universe gained through experimentation. PHYS 209A satisfies GE, category B1 or B3 (Physical Sciences), and GE laboratory requirements. Prerequisites: high school algebra, trigonometry, and a high school physical science. For 209A: previous or concurrent enrollment in PHYS 210A. For 209B: 209A and previous or concurrent enrollment in 210B.

210AB. General Physics (3,3) A, Fall and B, Spring
Lecture, 3 hours. A basic course in physics for students majoring in biology, geology or preprofessional programs. Fundamentals of Newtonian mechanics, thermophysics, optics, electricity and magnetism, special relativity, and quantum physics. Registration by Mathematics majors requires Physics and Astronomy Department approval. PHYS 210A satisfies GE, category B1 or B3 (Physical Sciences) requirement. Prerequisites: high school algebra and trigonometry.

214 Introduction to Physics II (4) Fall and Spring
Lecture, 4 hours. The continuation of PHYS 114. Electrostatics, quasistatic fields and currents, magnetostatics; electromagnetic induction; waves; physical and geometric optics. Prerequisites: PHYS 114; previous or concurrent enrollment in MATH 211.

216. Introductory Laboratory (1) Fall and Spring
Laboratory, 3 hours. Selected experiments to increase the student's working physical knowledge of the natural world. Prerequisites: PHYS 114 and 116. Concurrent enrollment in PHYS 214 strongly recommended.

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