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The B.A. in Physics with Advisory Plan T
from the 2000-2002 catalog
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The B.A. program allows considerable flexibility for the student who wishes to study physics as part of a liberal arts education. Two advisory plans are offered. Advisory Plan T uses algebra and trigonometry. Students may select from a wide range of upper-division courses, appropriate to careers as science or technical writers, scientific sales personnel, technicians, programmers, or other technical specialists. There is opportunity to take courses that lead to careers in the health sciences or environmental fields. Advisory Plan T is often taken as part of a double major.

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements (may include 6 in GE)

34 - 38

Required Concentration


Supporting Course (may include 3 in GE)


Remainder of General Education


General Electives

28 - 32

Total units needed for the degree



Major Core Requirements

PHYS   209AB

General Physics Laboratory


PHYS   210AB

General Physics


Choose one of the following two courses in modern physics or astronomy:

3 - 4

ASTR   305

Frontiers in Astronomy (3)

PHYS   314

Introduction to Physics III (4)

Choose one of the following two courses in optics:


PHYS   340

Light and Optics (3)

PHYS   342

Popular Optics (3)

Choose an approved course in computer applications

2 - 4

The major must include a minimum of 24 upper-division units in physics and astronomy. In consultation with an advisor, choose 15 - 18 units in additional upper-division physics and astronomy courses to meet this requirement.

15 - 18


Total units in the major core:

32 - 36


Required Area Of Concentration

Twelve units of courses in one other field chosen in consultation with an advisor.

Total units in area of concentration



Supporting Course


MATH   107

Precalculus Mathematics (4, of which 3 may be applied in GE)

Total units in supporting course



Total units in the major

48 - 52

Sample Four-Year Program

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