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Recommended Preparation for the Science Teaching Credential
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Unfortunately, California no longer has a physical sciences credential. Students must now earn a Science credential by passing the PRAXIS and SSAT examinations, including specialized exams in at least one of four areas, Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics. (SSU does not offer a Single Subject Preparation Program in Science.) The following courses are recommended for physics majors who wish to pass these exams:

Basic Core Courses (all of the following)
Biol 121, 122, 123 (Introductory Biology Sequence) 12
Chem 115AB, 116AB General Chemistry 10
Chem 255 Quantitative Analysis 4
Geol 102 General Geology 3
Geol 105 Rocks, Time, and Evolution 3
Phys 114, 214, 314 Introduction to Physics 12
Phys 116, 216 Introduction to Physics Laboratory 2

Breadth and Perspective (A minimum of 15 units from the following)
Astr 100 Descriptive Astronomy 3
Astr 231 Introductory Observational Astronomy 2
Astr 305 Frontiers in Astronomy 3
Biol 312 Biological Oceanography 3
Chem 310A Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry 3
Chem 310B Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry 3
Chem 335A Organic Chemistry 5
Chem 335B Organic Chemistry 3
Chem 336 Organic Chem Laboratory 1
Chem 340 Survey of Biochemistry 3
Chem 381 Chemical Data Analysis 1
Chem 457 Environmental Chemistry 3
Geog 310 Meteorology 3-4
Geog 380 Map, Air Photo and Satellite Interpretation 4
Geology 205 Mineralogy 2
Geology 303 Advanced Principles of Geology 4
Geology 304 Geologic Mapping and Report Writing 1
Geology 306 = Geog 306 Environmental Geology 3
Geology 323 Hydrology 3
Phys 313, 313L = Chem 313, 313L Analog & Digital Electronics 4
Phys 316 Introductory Quantum Laboratory 1
Phys 342 Popular Optics 3
Phys 381 Computer Applications for Scientists 2
Phys 384 X-Ray Analysis 2
Phys 400 History of Physical Science 3
Phys 445 Photonics 3
Phys 447 Lasers and Holography Laboratory 1
Phys 481 = Chem 481 Applied Nuclear Chemistry & Physics 2
Phys 482 = Chem 482 Applied Nuclear Chemistry & Physics Laboratory 2

You may earn a degree in any subject. Most who seek the science credential will choose Physics, Biology, Chemistry, or Geology. Those wishing to major in Physics are advised to earn the B.A. with Advisory Plan C, but the B.S. or B.S. with a concentration in applied physics are possible alternatives, especially for those who may wish to earn an M.S. later. Please consult the department advisor, Dr. Joe Tenn regularly.

The Credential Program
The single subject credential program is 12 months, beginning in the fall. This program requires 37 units of education courses, including classroom observation and student teaching. Prerequisite courses may be taken before entering the program. See the School of Education for further information.
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