Sonoma State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Changes in Physics Degree Programs
in the 2004-2006 catalog

There are several changes in the curricula for the B.S. and B.A. in physics which will take effect in Fall 2004. Of course, students already enrolled may remain under the requirements in effect when they started, but they may have to make substitutions for courses no longer offered. They should consult their academic advisor regularly.

The main changes are as follows:

All four degree programs — the B.S., the B.S. with a concentration in applied physics, the B.A. with calculus, and the B.A. with algebra and trigonometry — will now require a two-unit “capstone course.” This course may be chosen from an instructional design project in physics or astronomy, undergraduate research in physics or astronomy, or a senior design project. Each capstone course requires a signed application form submitted before the start of the semester in which it is taken.

Six upper division laboratory courses have been deleted from the catalog. They are replaced by two new courses, Physics 366 Intermediate Experimental Physics and Physics 466 Advanced Experimental Physics. Several experiments from the deleted courses, as well as new ones making use of the equipment in the Cerent Laboratories, will be incorporated into the new courses.

A few lecture courses have also been dropped from the catalog.

The first course in electronics, and its associated laboratory, have been given new numbers (Physics 230 and 231), revised slightly in content, and moved from fall to spring. This will facilitate coordination with the forthcoming B.S. in engineering sciences program. The second courses in electronics, Physics 413 and 413L, have also been revised.

All changes may be found in the new catalog, which will be published (online only) in the summer of 2004. The portions devoted to physics and to astronomy are available here now.


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