About the Observatory

The Department of Physics and Astronomy within the School of Science and Technology is establishing an astronomical observatory at the Galbreath Wildlands Preserve (GWP). The observatory (GWPO) will be used for advanced research in astronomy and astrophysics, undergraduate instruction, and science and technology outreach at the K-12 level.

About the Galbreath Wildlands Preserve

The Galbreath Wildlands Preserve was donated to Sonoma State University in 2004 to protect the land and to support higher education in the State of California. The Preserve is 3670 acres in size and is located in the Coast Range in Northern California in southern Mendocino County. The Preserve consists of forests and annual grasslands and ranges from 900 to 2200 feet in elevation. It is the mission of the Preserve to promote environmental education, research, and to maintain effective stewardship of the land. The Preserve is managed by the School of Science and Technology at Sonoma State University.