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The 97th series of the 'What Physicists Do' public lecture series begins Monday February 11 with a visit from Dr. Ransom Stephens. In this presentation, entitled "The Keys to Innovation: Priming your brain to percolate brilliant ideas", Dr. Stephens will describe the neural processes that percolate insights into consciousness: the physics of lateral thought, the power of perspective, the value of novelty, and how your brain selects and rejects ideas before you're even aware of them. Dr. Stephen is a scientist and technologist that collaborated on major discoveries at international labs before joining the private sector. He has written hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from neuroscience to quantum physics to parenting teenagers and two novels, The God Patent and The Sensory Deception. His new book, The Left Brain Speaks but the Right Brain Laughs is an edgy, somewhat irreverent, accurate look at the neuroscience innovation in art and science.

New tenure-track search for Physics & Astronomy Department

The Department of Physics and Astronomy invites applications for a faculty position in physics beginning in August 2019. The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in physics or a closely-related field, a demonstrated record of excellence in undergraduate teaching and be actively involved in research. We are interested in individuals who can create an undergraduate research program in experimental physics. We are seeking candidates with a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The successful candidate will teach core physics courses across the upper-division and lower-division curriculum, and help champion a new degree in Physical Science with multiple pathways for STEM students and prospective teachers.

•Further details: Position Opportunity Announcement

•Instructions for applicants: SSU Academic Affairs

•To apply: SSU job site

Application Deadline: January 4, 2019

SSU is an equal opportunity employer.

Global Warming Demystified

Kicking off the 96th series of "What Physicist Do" will be Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, noted astrophysicist and author, and winner of the American Institute of Physics Science Communication award. His talk "Global Warming Demystified" is a clear summary of the science, the consequences and the solutions of this important topic.

Goodbye to Dr. Jeremy Qualls and Dr. So Young Han

Dr. Jeremy Qualls and his wife, Dr. So Young Han have accepted positions at the University of Southern Maine, in Portland. They will continue their research into best practices for maker pedagogy at their new institution.

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Physics and Astronomy

Physics is the most fundamental of all the scientific disciplines. Ranging from the applied to the abstract, from the infinitesimal to the infinite, and from quarks to the cosmos, the study of physics seeks to explain all the complicated phenomena in the natural world by providing a description of these phenomena in terms of a few basic principles and laws.

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What Physicists Do

Current Schedule. Our lecture series has brought outstanding scientists and engineers to the campus each week since 1971, including fourteen Nobel laureates. These speakers present lectures ranging from the hottest discoveries in physics and astronomy to inside views of physicists' daily lives at a level undergraduate students can understand.

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