Professor Emeritus Dr. Joseph S. Tenn has Started Astrogen!

Professor Emeritus Joseph S. Tenn is the founder and director of the Astronomy Genealogy Project (AstroGen), launched on July 25th. Available at https://astrogen.aas.org , the project provides information on more than 33,000 astronomers who either earned doctorates with astronomy-related theses or supervised research for such dissertations. Professor Tenn explains, "We started the project for two reasons: First, many scholars enjoy tracing their academic ancestors and descendants. Second, AstroGen will facilitate studies of the astronomical community by historians and sociologists of science. With information in the database, it is possible to compare numbers or careers of those earning astronomy-related doctorates for different countries, universities, or time periods. With a little more effort, researchers can compare the numbers of people earning doctorates with research in different subfields, such as celestial mechanics, planetary science, or X-ray astronomy." See https://aas.org/press/astronomy-genealogy-project-launched for more details.

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