Jobs in Physics, Astronomy, and Other Fields

Links to full-time employment opportunities in physics, astronomy, computers and many fields, plus part-time, temporary, and summer jobs for students.

Career planning aids

Salaries of Scientists by Discipline
Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond — from the National Academy of Sciences.
Careers Using Physics — from the Society of Physics Students.
A Career in Acoustics?
Careers in Aquatic Sciences
How to Become an Astronaut
Careers in Astronomy
Frequently Asked Questions About Being an Astronomer A Guide Book to Astronomy — what it’s like being an astronomer, by Sten Odenwald.
Opportunities and Resources for Research and Activism in Energy and Environmental Science & Policy— by Daniel Kammen. Careers in the Geosciences
Careers in Oceanography (more)
Careers in Physics — from the American Physical Society
Science, Math, and Engineering Career Resources — information for scientists and would-be scientists at all levels, from high school students through Nobel laureates.

Starting a job hunt

ResumeTutor — advice from the University of Minnesota.
Physics Today Jobs — It’s free to all physicists.
The Job Hunters Bible: What Color Is Your Parachute — a supplement to the famous book by Dick Bolles.
Who’s Hiring Physics Bachelors — a state-by-state listing of employers who recently hired new physics graduates to fill technical and professional positions, provided by the AIP.

Jobs in physics and other fields

Jobs posted by Physics Today. The same list is posted in slightly different format by the American Physical Society.
Jobs for Physicists and Engineers — at all levels, from
American Association of Physics Teachers Career center — jobs at all levels of teaching in the physical sciences, presented by the American Association of Physics Teachers.
TIPTOP Jobs On-Line—dynamic job list for physicists.
PhysicsWeb — mostly in Europe and mostly for Ph.D.'s.
Job opportunities list at CERN — mostly in Europe and mostly for physicists from CERN member countries.
Job Openings advertised in the Chronicle of Higher Education — mostly faculty positions.
National Research Council Research Associateship Program — postdoctoral positions at federal labs, including NASA and military labs, but excluding DOE labs.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Employment Services — job listings and more.

Jobs in Acoustics
Jobs in Aviation and Aerospace — from NationJob Network.
Information on Accelerator Physics & Related Fields
Jobs in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Jobs in Crystallography — posted by the American Crystallographic Association.
Jobs in Energy — posted by the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley.
Jobs in Engineering — A National Index of Engineering Jobs.
Jobs in Engineering and Manufacturing — from NationJob Network, includes programming jobs.
Jobs in Environmental Engineering, Education, Advocacy, etc. — Listings sent for a fee; samples online.
Jobs in Environmental Fields — from
Jobs in GeoScience
Jobs in High-Energy Physics
Jobs in History of Science
Jobs in Limnology and Oceanography
Jobs in Materials Science — includes metallurgy, polymers, ceramics.
Jobs in Metallurgy — mostly for Ph.D.'s.
Jobs in Meteorology— from the American Meteorological Society.
Jobs in Oil, Mining, Geoscience, Environmental, Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Hydrology, Soil, GIS and Related Subjects
Jobs in Optics — Optical Society of America.
Jobs in Optics —
Jobs in Optics — SPIE
Jobs in Physics
Jobs in all Sciences
Jobs in Science & Technology Centers and Museums

BrassRing — jobs in technology.
Data Processing Independent Consultant's Exchange (DICE)— offers job listings and the opportunity to have your availability annnounced to 1000 companies. Mostly computer-related, but try searching on "physics" or whatever your field is.
North Bay Careers — jobs with companies in Sonoma and neighboring counties. — jobs in all fields.
Jobs at Tellabs (formerly Advanced Fibre Communications) — a telecommunications company in Petaluma, CA.
Jobs at Advanced Micro Devices
Jobs at Agilent
Jobs at Applied Physics Laboratory — Large Baltimore employer.
Jobs at Boeing
Jobs at Compumotor — a leader in the motion control industry, in Rohnert Park, CA.
Jobs at GE Energy
Jobs at Hewlett Packard.
Jobs at ILX Lightwave Corp — fiber optics and laser measurement in MT and CO.
Jobs at Lockheed Martin
Jobs at Medtronic — includes Arterial Vascular Engineering, a large employer in Santa Rosa, CA.
Jobs at Micro-Vu — a manufacturer of precision optical measuring systems in Windsor, CA.
Jobs at JDSU (includes the former Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.) — the largest employer of SSU physics grads.
Jobs at the Office of Naval Research.
Jobs at Raytheon Information Technology and Scientific Services
Jobs at Science and Technology Corp.
Jobs at Science Applications International Corporation
Jobs at Newport Corp. (lasers, optics, photonic instruments, etc.)(
Jobs at SpectraSwitch — a telecommunications company in Santa Rosa, CA.
Jobs at Ericsson — This company provides is a giant in the global telecommunications industry.
Jobs at Xerox
Jobs at Brookhaven National Lab
Jobs at Fermilab
Jobs at Thomas Jefferson National Lab — formerly CEBAF.
Jobs at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Jobs at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Jobs at Los Alamos National Lab
Jobs at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory.
Jobs at Sandia National Labs
Jobs at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Jobs at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Jobs in astronomy and other fields

American Astronomical Society Jobs Register — the best list, updated monthly.
Astronomy & Astrophysics Jobs — posted by Physics Today with an introductory page on careers in the field.
Space Jobs — mostly in the aerospace industry.
Jobs at the European Southern Observatory.
Jobs at the Gemini Observatory.
Jobs at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Jobs at the W.M. Keck Observatory — mostly engineering jobs.
Jobs at NASA.
Jobs at the National Optical Astronomy Observatories.
Jobs at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.
Jobs at the Space Telescope Science Institute.
Jobs at the Steward Observatory.

Jobs in computers and other fields

Bay Area Careers — mostly computer-related.
The Best Jobs In The USA Today— mostly, but not all, computer-related.
Jobs at Apple
Jobs at Autodesk
Jobs at Cisco
Jobs at IBM
Jobs at Intel
Jobs at Microsoft.
Jobs at the San Diego Supercomputer Center
Jobs at Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Jobs in many fields

Academic Careers Online — global academic job site to search jobs in education and academia.
After College — includes entry-level jobs and internships. — includes links to many other sites.
America's Job Bank — about 100,000 jobs from 2000 state employment offices. — search jobs from more than 70 career sites.
Careerjet — an employment search engine for the USA, many listings.
Careersite — lots of listings in a variety of fields.
College Grad Job Hunter — mostly entry-level, includes several large, high-tech employers.
Craig's List — includes sites for many cities in the U.S. and abroad.
Dice — a technology and engineering job site, offering job postings and career resources for those seeking technical jobs.
Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet — The Riley guide.
Indeed — a search engine for jobs in any field. A search on "Physics B.S." yielded more than four thousand jobs.
Internet Career Connection — mostly, but not all, computer-related.
Jammin Jobs — a national job board that lists thousands of open positions.
Job Hunt — extensive site with many resources.
Job Search USA — another very large site, searchable by field, job title, or location. — extensive site with many resources.
JobStar California — California job search guide by Bay Area public libraries.
Jobwire from the National Association of Colleges and Employers .
juju — extensive job search engine searchable by keywords or location or both. — 150,000 job listings, a forum for jobseekers, and more.
MonsterTRAK — SSU participates in this program, so students may register and get additional help if they wish.
Nation Job Network — access to a huge database of jobs.
Opportunity NOCs — jobs with nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.
Sonoma County Job Link.
SSU Career Services — for SSU students and alumni.
Teach for America — the national teacher corps of outstanding recent college graduates.
True Careers — 125,000 job listings; post your résumé and get advice.
U.S. Government Jobs.
Yahoo/Jobs/ — jobs, employment services, career planning, salaries, etc.

Job Opportunity ads in the Chicago Tribune.
Job Opportunity ads in the Los Angeles Times.
Job Opportunity ads in the New York Times .
Job Opportunity ads in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Job Opportunity ads in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Jobs at Sonoma State University.
Jobs at Stanford University
Jobs at UC Berkeley
Jobs at UC Davis
Jobs in California Community Colleges — 109 public community colleges.
Jobs in the California State University system — 23 universities.
Jobs in the University of California System — 10 campuses, 3 national labs, and the president's office.
Northern California's Higher Education Recruitment Consortium — teaching and administrative jobs in nearly fifty four-year colleges, universities, and community college districts. — jobs in higher education, including faculty and posdoctoral positions.

Part-time, temporary, and summer jobs for students

Undergraduate Research Opportunities — Do research and get paid for it.
Summer Jobs — all types, worldwide.
Seasonal Employment — in national parks,resorts, etc. — from Cool Works.
Environmental Careers Organization — free information on internships. Student Employment with NASA.
Student Jobs at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
Summer jobs for students at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory.
SSU Career Services — for SSU students and alumni.
Net-Temps — temporary and contract jobs in engineering and other fields, plus some permanent ones, free to jobseekers.