The Horace L. Newkirk Assistantship


Horace L. Newkirk 1911 - 1995

Each year an outstanding physics student is selected by the faculty to work with a member of the department faculty or staff at a position which is both educational to the student and useful to the department.

When physicist Horace L. Newkirk retired after three decades with the U.S. Navy at China Lake Naval Weapons Center, he and his wife moved to Santa Rosa to be near their daughter, Nadenia. For the remainder of his life he was a regular attendee at Sonoma State University's "What Physicists Do" series. In 1979 he gave a lecture in the series, describing how he developed a method to damp out the tumbling of one of the first American satellites in space.

A pilot, motorcyclist, and beekeeper, Horace Newkirk kept his sense of humor and enthusiasm even after a plane crash at age 78 slowed him down, and he continued coming to the lectures as long as he was able. After his death, Nadenia and other relatives and friends endowed the Newkirk Assistantship. Income from the endowment provides a stipend to the student.

Recipients of the Newkirk Assistantship

Carmen Stepek 2016

Michael Dobbs 2015

Maxfield Torke 2014

Kevin Zack 2013

Hunter Mills 2012

Cristhyan Alfaro 2011

Blaine Gilbreth 2010

Adam Dye 2009

Katherine Wyman 2008

Ryan Olson 2007

Daniel Nicholas 2006

Kris Tyson 2005

David Gray 2004

Jerilynn Schisser 2003

Jeremy Hieb 2002

Linda Lindsley 2001

Justin Wolfe 2000

Brooke Haag 2000

Angela Duprez 1999

Daniel Hogan 1998

Susan Webster 1997