image:  single slit diffraction

Sonoma State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Two New Professors Join Department

Two new assistant professors joined the SSU Department of Physics and Astronomy in the fall of 2001. Both are now seeking students to join them in their research programs.

Dr. Enrique Izaguirre came from the Borough of Manhattan Community College, where he taught physics and electronics and conducted research in biomolecular electronics and ultraviolet metal vapor lasers. His research on protein-based three dimensional optical memory was in collaboration with a team at Syracuse University. Dr. Izaguirre, a native of Argentina, earned his master’s degree in nonlinear optics at the University of Buenos Aires and his Ph.D. in physics at Drexel University in 1997. Dr. Brock Weiss spent the last two years as a postdoctoral researcher working on the synthesis and electron field emission properties of diamond thin films at the University of Puerto Rico. He has also taught advanced courses in electronic properties of materials and nanotechnology and has begun researching the synthesis and development of nanostructured materials for applications in nanoelectronics. Dr. Weiss, a Pennsylvanian, earned his Ph.D. in materials science at Pennsylvania State University in 1999.

The department intends to recruit more new faculty in the next few years as senior faculty take advantage of the university's Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP), which allows them to retire but then continue half-time for up to five years.

Dr. Duncan Poland, who came to Sonoma State in 1965 and co-founded the department two years later, spent the academic year 2000-01 on FERP, teaching and serving as department chair on a half-time basis. He retired completely in the summer of 2001. Dr. Sam Greene, at SSU since 1966, has been teaching fall semesters only. Fall 2001 is his last semester on campus. And Dr. John Dunning, who joined the department in 1969, went on FERP in 2001-02. He intends to be here half-time both semesters and is currently teaching the x-ray analysis course.

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