Sonoma State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Grants for Student Research

In 1998 and again in 1999 professor Saeid Rahimi of SSU's Department of Physics and Astronomy was awarded grants by Lockheed Martin to carry out experimental research projects on fiber optic sensors. The $4800 and $4000 awards are used to pay students in the Applied Physics program to work on research projects. The first project was to develop a computer-controlled optical fiber temperature sensor. Users manipulate the function of the sensor using a virtual instrument programmed on the computer with LabVIEW.

The 1999 project is to study the effects of change in atmospheric conditions on the characteristics of signals that are potentially useful for wireless communications. Students are constructing a variable pressure/temperature chamber in which they will simulate changes in atmospheric conditions. The transmitted signals will be analyzed by an HP 8594E spectrum analyzer which has an effective range of 9 kHz to 2.5 GHz. The pressure and temperature of the chamber will be monitored by a computer and the signal level variations will be recorded as a function of the chamber's pressure and temperature. A LabVIEW virtual instrument will be written for logging the data into the computer.

The grants are part of a Lockheed Martin program with the California State University system to promote undergraduate education in engineering and computer science through applied research projects.

Interested students may contact Dr. Rahimi.


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