SSU Observatory Photos

Photo site kickoff!

Welcome to the SSU Observatory Photo site. Since late-2015 we have been taking low-light photos at the campus observatory. These images allow us to discuss the CCD, the breakthrough technology that began the era of digital imaging. The site will contain pages with photo galleries arranged by date. Most of the images will be of our Public Viewing Night visitors that wish to have their photos taken under the star light.

The long exposures required to collect the light from the stars, and the nearly dark conditions often make the images of people slightly blurry as they move. Sometimes the only illumination is from a computer screen, a partially lit moon, or a dim red bulb 10 meters away. All together they make for some fun and sometimes funny or dramatic images that capture the feeling of a night at the observatory.

Please use the links in the header above to find photos for given night. Each night has a gallery of photo thumbnails which can be selected to show a larger view of the image.