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Permanent Faculty

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Fall '15 Office Hours


Dr. Lynn Cominsky
Professor, Chair (707)664-2655 Darwin 300M and Schulz 3051

M 2-3

Dr. Jeremy Qualls
Associate Professor, Director of Academic Resources and Planning, Advisor
(707)664-2256 Darwin 300K

Tu Th 9-10

Dr. Saeid Rahimi
(707)664-3390 Salazar 2008B

Dr. Scott Severson
Associate Professor, SSUO Director, GWPO Director, Advisor
(707)664-2376 Darwin 300L

M 11-11:50, Tu 11-11:50

Dr. Hongtao Shi
Professor, Advisor, Keck Lab Director
(707)664-2013 Darwin 300J

M 2-3:30

Dr. Tom Targett,
Assistant Professor, SPS Advisor
(707)664-2594 Darwin 300I

M W 11-11:50


Mr. Steve Anderson
Equipment Technician
(707)664-2330, (707)235-7499 Darwin 305F


Ms. Andrea Cullinen
Administrative Coordinator
(707)664-2119 Darwin 300

M-F 8-12, 1-4:30

Part-time Lecturers

Ms. Joanne del Corral
(707)664-2596 Darwin 300A

Th 3:30-4:30

Mr. C. Wesley Farris II
(707)664-2833 Darwin 300G

W 8:30-9:30 for Phys; M 8:30-9:30 for A100; F 10-11 for P210A

Dr. Sangyoun Gee
(707)664-2596 Darwin 300A

M 1-3

Dr. So-Young Han
(707)664-3242 Darwin 300B

M, W, Th 10-10:45

Dr. Michieal Jones
(707)664-2596, (530)601-0089 Darwin 300A

Tu, Th 1-2:50, M, W by appointment

Dr. Anne Metevier
(707)664-3242, Darwin 300B

M 11-12 & by appointment

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Dr. John R. Dunning, Jr.
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Bryant Hichwa
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Gordon G. Spear
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Joseph S. Tenn
Professor Emeritus


Dr. Samuel L. Greene, Jr.

29 December 1931 – 28 June 2007
Professor, 1966-2001
Professor Emeritus, 2001-2007

Dr. Duncan E. Poland
2001 interview

18 August 1934 – 19 July 2011
Professor, 1965-2001
Professor Emeritus, 2001-2011

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