Joanne del Corral


Fall 2012

Physics 209A Sec 1 & 2

Courses Previously Taught:

P100 Descriptive Physics

P102 Descriptive Physics Lab

P209A General Physics Lab 1st sem.

P209B General Physics Lab 2nd sem.

P216 Intro Physics Lab (calculus)

P342 Popular Optics

I have been at SSU since 1984 as a lecturer in Physics most often teaching Introductory Physics Labs.


In 1983 I received my B.S. in Physics at Sonoma State University, and since 1984 I have taught here. Before teaching I gained experience in various summer programs including one at Hewlett-Packard in Santa Rosa (now Agilent) where I profiled a vacuum deposition chamber used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, and measured the temperature response of an alloy furnace.

Working with a project scientist at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, I made measurements of the magnetic quadrupole field of 16 symmetrically placed samarium-cobalt magnets, a prototype of one to be used in a focusing device.

I encourage all students to take advantage of Summer Internships as a way of not just earning money but exploring possible careers. Doors can open up for you when you gain relevant experience.

You can reach me at