With 15+ years of post-graduate academic experience, I am always looking towards the future. I currently maintain active research in interdisciplinary science. These days my focus has been primarily administrative and program development through my role as Director of Academic Planning and Resources. My recent projects include development of a STEM first year experience, a cross school Maker program, and the development of science teaching credentials.


I operate a material science lab. I have a wide range of instrumentation including a 17 Tesla magnet and wet-lab capabilities. My lab is also very invested into the development of novel air to water harvesting systems.

Expertise: STEM Education, interdisciplinary sciences, program management, material science, mechanical engineering, high magnetic fields, low temperature physics, curriculum development, program review, and creative solutions.

Student and Co-Op projects are available.

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Dr. Jeremy Qualls

Ph.D. Physics

SST Director of Academic Planning and Resource

Science FYE Director

Associate Professor


Sonoma State University