Dr. Jeremy Qualls

Ph.D. Physics

Science FYE Director

Associate Professor









Curriculum Vita

a) Education

Ph.D. in Physics awarded December 1999

M.S. in Physics awarded April 1997

Florida State University, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, Fl

Fabrication, Characterization, and Electronic Structure of Anisotropic Organic Metals

B.S. in Physics awarded April 1994

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tenn

b) Professional Experience

2011-Present STEM Science 120 Program Director at Sonoma State University

Establish and lead university wide initiatives towards SSU STEM education resulting in the increase of and retention rates of those majors. The work includes cross campus and cross disciplinary networking, integrating community partners, and developing new academic models for STEM success. The program has gained much recognition and is quickly becoming a pioneer program. This position is funded through the NSF STEP program.


2011- Present Associate Professor/Researcher at Sonoma State University

Developed new academic and research programs, maintain a high level of competency in technology and science, attract and maintain external funding, supervise researchers, collaborate with other researchers in academics and industry, do fundable research in material science, teaching range of physics courses, service to University, development of STEM majors.


2007-2010 Assistant Professor at Sonoma State University

2003-2007 Assist. Professor at UTPA (approved for Tenure and Promotion 2007)

2002-2003 Visiting Professor at University of Texas- Pan American

2000-2002 Assistant Professor of Physics at Wake Forest University

1999-2000 Post Doc Research Assistant at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

1995-1999 Research Assistant at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

c) Teaching

13+ Years University Teaching Experience. Comfortable teaching any graduate or undergraduate physics including GE service courses and developmental. Expert in learning by inquiry methods, critical thinking workshops, peer instruction, software incorporation, and alternative learning methods.


Courses Taught: Physical Science I and II (including labs), Research Seminar Research Methods in Organic Conductors, Classical Dynamics, Junior Research Lab, Calculus and Algebra Based University Physics I and II, Senior Research Lab, Topics in Modern Physics, Astronomy, Experimental Methods, Intro to Solid State Physics, Modern Physics, Quantum Physics, GRE physics prep course, PHYS 100:Physics of Superheroes and Physics for Future Presidents, Physics of Toys Advised: Graduate and Undergraduate Research

d) Major Funding

o   Co-PI: NSF S3: STEPping up STEM at SSU $994,826 (through 2015)

o   Co-PI: NSF NIRT: 3D Hierarchical Nanomanufacturing for Active Photonics-on-Chip, $1,000,000

o   PI: NSF MRI: Acquisition of Magnetic Field System with SQUID for Material Research, $236,834

e) Academic Highlights

At Sonoma State University

o   Lead freshman year experience STEM education, Science 120 efforts at SSU

o   Co-Organizer for SSU Science Symposium

o   Developed Student Based Research Lab with over $500k in instrumentation.

o   Annual NSF Panel Reviewer (Major Research Instrumentation as well as Electro Catalyst)

o   Supported 24 one-on-one undergraduate researchers and capstone projects

o   Editor for The Physics Major (department annual newsletter)

o   External reviewer for UTPA Mechanical Engineering Program

o   University Committees: GE committee, Program Review, Academic Standards, SST Curricular

o   Faculty advisor for numerous clubs and organizations

o   RSCAP research award, GMC Academic integration Award, SHIP award

o   School of Science and Technology Orientation Advisor

o   Department Advisor

o   Developed numerous courses

o   Worked with local high School and Elementary schools

o   Hosted Learning workshops at SSU

o   Establish international scientist


At University of Texas Pan American

o   Made significant changes to entire infrastructure of physics department by revising outreach, advising, and curriculum. This included developing new degree plans, teaching certificate plans, advising and orientation process, student assessment and program evaluation, integration of Pasco and new laboratories into physics and physical science courses, and creating a new department website.

o   State Representative for Vertical Alignment of K-University Science Curriculum

o   Finalist for the Minnie Piper Teaching Award 2005 and with a student approval rating above 96% for all categories across all courses.

o   Served on numerous committees at all levels including at the departmental, college, and university level. Including faculty, chair, and dean searches and academic planning and program review. Has also served as panelist/reviewer for NSF.

o   Served as the Department Undergraduate Advisor

o   Performed as assistant for Open Houses, Science Fair Judging, High School Outreach, New Student Orientation, and science demos for secondary schools.

f) Conferences and Seminars

o   Co-Organizer of CSU:SSU Science Symposium (2013)

o   Integrating Critical Thinking CSU East Bay (2013)

o   STEP Stem Education Efforts NSF (2013)

o   Seminar CSU Fresno (2012)

o   AACU (2011)

o   SSU Faculty Exposition (2008, 2009)

o   Seminar What Physicists Do SSU (2007, 2009, 2013)

o   Pacific division of the AAAS meeting (2008, Organizer 2009)

o   Seminar CSU Fresno (2007)

o   Seminar CSU Stanislaus,(2007)

o   Seminar SSU (2007)

o   Seminar California State University East Bay (2005)

o   Seminar at University of Texas at Brownsville (2004)

o   Seminar at UTPA (2003)

o   Colloquium at NC A&T State University (2001)

o   Colloquium at East Tennessee State University (2001)

o   Invited Speaker at the 14th International Conference on High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics (Izumo, Japan 2000)

o   Colloquium at Wake Forest University (2000)

o   International Workshop on Quantum Transport in Synthetic Materials (Korea 1999)

o   March meeting of the American Physical Society (1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000)

o   International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals (Montpellier, France 1998)

o   Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Fields (1995 and 1998)