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About Me:

I grew up in rural Tennessee and have a passion for the great outdoors. Traveling and trying new things with my family are about as good as it gets.

I did my graduate work at the National High Field Laboratory in Tallahassee Florida and have worked in a number of labs in the US and abroad. In addition to my administration and department roles, I currently operate a material science lab with a 17 Tesla magnet system. I have wet-lab capabilities to synthesize various charge transfer salts and organic systems as well as characterize their properties. I am also interested in green technologies and tackling very hard problems.

I am helping coach the SSU club this year. If you are interested in fencing please come visit us. That is me in the green socks J

One day I would like to learn to surf and to hike New Zealand.



Dr. Jeremy Qualls

Ph.D. Physics

Science FYE Director

Associate Professor of Physics


Sonoma State University