Class Attendance – University Policy, May 11, 2011

Class attendance is an important part of a student’s university experience. However, there are legitimate reasons for missing class, such as illness, accidents, death of a close family member, jury duty, religious observance or representing the University at officially approved University activities. Students should be cautioned that even though absences may be for legitimate reasons, such absences can impair performance and result in a lower grade. Faculty have primary authority for setting class attendance policy according to discipline standards. There are class activities, such as labs, assignments and discussions that cannot reasonably be made up.

When students are absent from classes, it is their responsibility to provide the instructor with due notice and documentation when possible, and to inform the instructor of the reason for absence. Students are also responsible for requesting, in a timely manner, to make up missed assignments and class work if these are reasonably able to be provided.

Instructors are responsible for providing a clear statement on the course outline about the impact of attendance on students’ grades. For students who have missed classes for legitimate reasons, instructors are also responsible for providing an opportunity to complete make-up work or grade substitution, if the instructor determines that such is reasonably able to be provided.