The ASP History Committee

The History Committee of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific was formed in 1982 and consisted of nine members appointed to three-year terms by the ASP Board of Directors.

The Committee’s most important charge was to present history sessions at the annual meetings of the Society. These sessions often brought together the various groups—professional astronomers, amateur astronomers, teachers, and armchair astronomers—that made up—and still make up—the Society.

The last history sessions were presented at the 2000 meeting. They were omitted at the 2001 meeting because of proximity to the Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop. The ASP scaled back its annual meetings, leaving no room for history sessions, in 2002, and the History Committee was disbanded in 2005.

History session programs:    1993    1994    1996    1997    1998    1999    2000

The Committee’s last chair, Katherine Bracher, continues to produce the “Echoes of the Past” column for Mercury, which she has done since 1983, while another past chair, Joseph S. Tenn, maintains the Bruce Medalists website and has written a number of biographies of Bruce medalists for the magazine.

The Committee also provided advice to the Board and to the Executive Director on matters dealing with history, including historical slide sets, obituaries, and the disposition of back issues of journals.


Donald E. Osterbrock, University of California, Santa Cruz
Woodruff T. Sullivan, III, University of Washington 1986-1992
Joseph S. Tenn, Sonoma State University 1993-1999
Katherine Bracher, Whitman College 2000-2005


Katherine Bracher, Whitman College 1982-2005
Dale Cruikshank, NASA Ames Research Center 1982-1987
John Eddy, High Altitude Observatory 1982-1988
Timothy Ferris 1982-1985
William Hoyt 1982-1985
Donald E. Osterbrock, University of California, Santa Cruz 1982-2003
Woodruff T. Sullivan, III, University of Washington, Seattle 1982-1993
Helen Wright 1982-1986
Ashley McDermott, College of the Desert 1985-1988
Arthur A. Hoag, Lowell Observatory 1986-1989
Gibson Reaves, University of Southern California 1986-1989
Joseph S. Tenn, Sonoma State University 1986-2002
Donald K. Yeomans, Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1987-1993
Kevin Krisciunas, Joint Astronomy Centre 1988-1991
Alan H. Batten, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory 1989-1992
Horace W. Babcock, Observatories of the Carnegie Inst. of Washington 1991-1994
Richard L. Walker, U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff 1991-1994
Craig Waff, Macmillan General Reference USA 1992-1999
Thomas R. Williams, Rice University 1992-2002
Roy H. Garstang, University of Colorado, Boulder 1994-2001
Kevin Krisciunas, Joint Astronomy Centre 1994-1997
Edwin C. Krupp, Griffith Observatory 1997-2000
Barbara Welther, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory 1997-2003
Richard A. Jarrell, York University 1998-2001
John W. Briggs, Yerkes Observatory 1999-2005
Joann Eisberg, Citrus College 2000-2003
Barbara Becker, University of California, Irvine 2001-2004
Rudi Paul Lindner, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2002-2005
JoAnn Palmeri, University of Oklahoma 2002-2005