Scholarship Opportunities

Sonoma State University offers a number of privately funded scholarships, including three which are reserved for physics majors. Students who apply to the SSU Scholarship Office by January 15 will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. A number of physics majors have won university scholarships in recent years.

In addition to the many scholarships which do not specify a major, new and returning physics majors will be considered for the Physics and Astronomy Scholarship, the result of donations by a number of the Department’s faculty, alumni, and friends, and the Joe S. Tenn Scholarship, funded by an endowment founded by relatives of Dr. Tenn and to which others have also contributed.

One of SSU’s larger awards is the Sol and Edith Tenn Scholarship, supported by an endowment established by Prof. Tenn in memory of his parents. This award is for an entering physics major and can be renewed for up to four years provided the student makes satisfactory progress toward a degree in physics and maintains grades in the top 25% of physics majors. The award will be available for a student entering in Fall 2009.

SSU physics majors with grade point averages of 3.0 or better may apply for the Horace L. Newkirk Assistantship, which is announced each fall and awarded for the spring semester.

The American Association of Physics Teachers offers one Barbara Lotze scholarship each year to an undergraduate planning to become a high school physics teacher. The application is due Dec. 1. Another source of funding is the Knowles Science Teaching Fellowship program, which supports six recent physics or engineering graduates as they prepare for high school physics teaching.

To search for other scholarships for which you may be eligible, you may wish to consult FastWEB or FinAid, two free scholarship search services.

Federally-funded financial aid is handled by the Financial Aid Office.