The Sonoma State University
Department of Physics and Astronomy

presents a series of lectures, demonstrations, and films


Physics is what physicists do late at night

The complete list: Every presentation since 1971

Current Series

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has presented the "What Physicists Do" series each semester since Spring 1971. The entire history of the series may be browsed or searched on these pages. The more than 1000 speakers have included

fifteen Nobel Prize recipients:

Felix Bloch Emilio Segré Owen Chamberlain Melvin Calvin Arthur Schawlow
William Fowler Robert Laughlin Donald Glaser Melvin Schwartz George Smoot
Douglas Osheroff (2) Richard Taylor Saul Perlmutter Herbert Kroemer Carl Wieman

three Crafoord Prize recipients:

Allan Sandage Edwin Salpeter Roger Blandford

ten recipients of the National Medal of Science:

Sandra Faber (2)  (3) W. K. H. Panofsky (2) Calvin Quate (2) Vera Rubin Melvin Calvin Arthur Schawlow
Marvin Cohen (2) (3) Allan Sandage William Fowler Darleane Hoffman (2)

nine MacArthur Fellows:

Robert Shaw Raymond Jeanloz (2) Douglas Osheroff (2) David Goldstein Richard Muller (2) Margaret Murnane Carl Haber Peidong Yang Ned Kahn

eight Bruce Medalists:

Robert Kraft (2)  (3) Sandra Faber (2)  (3) Frank Shu (2) Vera Rubin
Donald Osterbrock (2) Allan Sandage William Fowler Edwin Salpeter

and a great many other outstanding scientists and engineers.

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